Early years careers

The main career path if you want to work with babies and children aged up to 5 years is in a nursery.

Nurseries can be run by:

  • local authorities
  • children's centres
  • nursery classes in primary schools
  • private and voluntary sector organisations.

You can also consider becoming a childminder and work in your own home with support from local authority staff, children's centres and the National Childminding Association.


Nursery work

Qualifications are crucial for career paths that involve caring for children in nurseries and early education settings.

If you already work in a Brent nursery, speak to your employer about training opportunities as help with costs may be available through Brent Early Years Department.


Courses for those who want to work, or are already working, in nurseries and schools are available from Brent Start


If you are interested in becoming a childminder, please view our guide to becoming a childminder.

National Extension College (NEC)

Provider of fast-track early years' qualifications for those at a lower educational level than is required for The Open University. Offers distance learning courses. Visit the NEC website for more information.