Council tax charges

What are the valuation bands?

Council tax is related to the valuation of your property. Each property has been valued and placed in one of eight council tax bands by the Valuation Office Agency which is part of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), not Brent Council.

The valuation banding is based on the market value of the property as at 1 April 1991.

The charge for each band is calculated as a multiple of the band D amount.

The 2020/21 council tax charges for each band are below.

Valuation bandValue of property (as at 1 April 1991)Brent element of council taxTotal including the GLA's share of council tax
A  Up to £40,000 £875.16 £1,096.54
B  £40,001 to 52,000 £1,021.02 £1,279.30
C  £52,001 to 68,000 £1,166.88 £1462.05
D  £68,001 to 88,000 £1,312.74 £1,644.81
E  £88,001 to 120,000 £1,604.46 £2,010.32
F  £120,001 to 160,000 £1,896.18 £2,375.84
G  £160,001 to 320,000 £2,187.90 £2,741.35
H  £320,001 and over £2,625.48 £3,289.62

You can see what band your property is in and the amount of council tax you need to pay in My Account.