Houses in multiple occupation

A house in multiple occupation (HIMO) is a house or flat that:

  • Is currently banded for council tax purposes as one building or
  • Was originally built, (or has been changed), for occupation by one or more people who are not part of the same household.

One example of a change is where the rooms have had fitted individual locks on the doors.

Identifying multiple households in one property

A property with common parts used by all of the people living there, such as entrances and exits, or shared facilities like a kitchen, bathroom or toilet, is classed as a house in multiple occupation.

If each person who lives there pays rent separately,or has an agreement that only lets them occupy a part of the property, we will class the property as a house in multiple occupation.

Examples of HIMO's include

  • Bedsits
  • Homes shared by people who are not related to each other
  • Halls of residence and hostels

Council tax liability for HIMO's

Council Tax law says the landlord, not the occupier(s) must pay the council tax bill. The rent charged to the occupier can include an amount towards the council tax. The amount included is a private matter between the landlord and the occupier.

How to appeal

If you, as an owner, think your property is not a HIMO, you can appeal against our decision. You will need to write to us and give your reasons, providing evidence to support your appeal. We will review our decision and let you know if we are going to change our records.

If we still decide not to change our records you have a right of appeal to a Valuation Tribunal.