Landlords and agents

Landlords and managing agents should keep us informed of all tenancy changes immediately. This allows our revenue and benefits team to provide a more efficient service to you and your tenants by sending correct bills, and awarding discounts and exemptions promptly.

We need landlords to:

  • inform us of all changes in tenancy when they happen
  • give the exact start and end dates of tenancies
  • give the full names of each tenant
  • give the previous and forwarding addresses of your tenants
  • provide a copy of the tenancy agreement at the start of the tenancy
  • give a contact phone number in case we have any questions we need to ask you
  • be aware that landlords can be fined if they do not provide the information within 21 days of the request

Although you may think it unnecessary to provide this information, the law does require you to give it so that we can see who needs to pay the council tax and how much the charge should be.

Please let us know of any changes by contacting us or visiting your nearest Brent Customer Services Centre.