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Having difficulty in paying?

If you are having difficulty paying your council tax bill, please read the notes below and take action before things get worse.

Sign up to Direct Debit

Direct debit is a simple, quick and safe way to pay your council tax as we take your instalments direct from your bank or building society account. You can ask to pay over 12 months instead of 10, or however many months remain in the year. You can choose one of four payment dates 1st, 12th, 17th or 28th, provide your bank details and we'll do the rest.

Ask us to spread your bill instalments over 12 months

You have the right to pay your council tax over 12 months instead of 10 months; however, you must advise us in advance first. The last instalment will always be in the last month of the financial year, i.e. March. The number of instalments will reduce based on the number of months left in the year. If you would like to request this option please contact us.

If you are on a low income

Tips to help you stay out of council tax debt

If you cannot pay the full monthly instalment at least pay something each week or month. It is in your interest to reduce the amount you owe and stop arrears accruing. Whilst it will not stop recovery action it will be looked at more favourably if you have made payments.

Consider breaking the monthly instalment shown on your bill into weekly amounts and paying each week. You may find it easier to pay lesser amounts each week rather than 1 larger amount each month. So if your monthly instalment is £30 you pay £7.50 each week instead, but please ensure that you have paid the monthly equivalent by the due date shown on your bill.


If you still think you cannot afford to pay anything at all we strongly advise you to have a look at our money advice information or contact a debt advice service such as Brent Citizen's Advice Bureau  or National Debtline. These organisations will discuss your income and expenditure and advise you on how best to deal with your finances. Remember council tax is a priority debt ranking above loan repayments, telephone bills, TV subscriptions, etc. Recovery action will take place if you do not pay amounts due, or reach an agreement with us and will result in additional costs being incurred.

Apply for extra help

If you are experiencing exceptional and extenuating circumstances then you may apply for a Council Tax reduction under Section 13A of the Local Government Finance Act 1992. Each application is considered on its own merits. Examples where applications may be considered could include properties affected by natural disasters such as fire, flood or storm that were beyond the control of the occupier. To be considered, please contact us with full details of your circumstances and why you think you should be considered for help.

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