About our allotments

Due to an increase in demand for our allotment sites, we are temporarily closing the option for new people to join a waiting list for an allotment site. If you have already filled in an application form; there is no need to contact us. There is an expected average waiting time of 1-2 years before we will contact you about a plot that has become available.


Fancy growing your own fresh fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables? Then an allotment could be for you. There are more than 20 sites run by us and most have a waiting list. Having an allotment has many benefits including:

  • growing good quality and fresh fruit and vegetables 
  • a good physical workout and a great way of beating stress
  • making friends and get closer to nature and wildlife

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Please note that the allotment fee is increasing from £18.40 to £18.75 per pole as of 1 April 2021.

Allotment rent is £46.90 for Brent residents and £57.12 for 62m2 (2.5 poles) per year.

You can get 50 per cent off the annual rent of a plot of up to 5 poles, if you are a Brent Resident and: 

  • over 60 or
  • receive unemployment benefits or
  • receive disability benefits. 

You will need to provide proof to claim the relevant concession.

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How to apply and check availability

Some of our sites have longer waiting lists than others so when you apply please include three sites in order of preference so we can get you on to a site more quickly. 

Apply for an allotment plot

To check for availability or to find out when the closed waiting lists may open, you can also email: brent.parks.services@brent.gov.uk or call 020 8937 5619.

Contact the Brent allotments team