Apply for an allotment plot

Due to an increase in demand for our allotment sites, we are temporarily closing the option for new people to join a waiting list for an allotment site. If you have already filled in an application form; there is no need to contact us.


There is an expected average waiting time of 1-2 years before we will contact you about a plot that has become available.

You can get 50 per cent off the annual rent of a plot, if you are a Brent Resident and:

  • over 60 or
  • receive unemployment benefits or
  • receive disability benefits.

You will be asked to provide proof of concession when you sign up to a tenancy.

Equal opportunities monitoring

When you fill in this form we will ask you for some further details. This is because we aim to ensure that all services are delivered fairly.

The information that you provide will assist us in improving our services and help us to develop a better understanding of service users.

This will assist us in meeting specific needs and identifying any possible areas of discrimination. The information collected will also aid in identifying barriers to accessing our information about services for different groups of people and reduce or remove potential difficulties for some people.

The information provided will remain confidential in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. The information you provide will only be used by us.