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Copyright and reproductions


Copyright is a complex issue. Copyright usually lasts for 70 years from the end of the year in which the creator of a work (such as the photographer) dies, and during that time period can be transferred to other people or organisations.

Many images and records in our collections have been donated with transfer of copyright to Brent Archives, and the records of Brent Council and its predecessor remain the copyright of the council.

Others, however, have entered the collections from various sources other than the original copyright holder or their heirs.

In some cases the original copyright holder, or their successor, is known, and named in the caption, but in other cases, for example images taken by anonymous photographers, or postcards published by obscure late-1940s postcard companies, the copyright status is unknown or unverifiable. Works of unknown authorship remain in copyright until 31 December 2039.

For these reasons, we don't charge 'copyright fees'.  We charge 'reproduction fees' providing permission to reproduce images which we have supplied. In the case of images that are our copyright the 'reproduction fee' doubles as a 'copyright fee'.

Images may not be reproduced, published or distributed in any format without the permission of Brent Archives.

Charges vary depending on use - starting at £6.50 for private non-commercial use, and at £37.50 for commercial use.  Discounts may be available for students, registered charities and community groups. Please contact us for a full price list.

We don't provide a printed photographic service. All images are available as digital files only.

Where permission has been granted for an image to be reproduced for publication, it must be credited 'Courtesy of Brent Archives', or, in the case of television programmes, if preferred, Brent Archives must be mentioned in the end credits.

We would also be grateful for a copy of the book or programme, or an off-print of the article, where the image is reproduced.

It is the responsibility of anyone wishing to publish images provided by us to satisfy themselves that no copyright is being infringed. Any potential publisher of our images should be aware of the 'Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988' and ensure that the requirements of the Act and any later amendments to it are met.

In the case of images with a known copyright holder, we recommend that purchasers approach the copyright holder, who may well hold the original negative, first.

We are not in a position to offer legal advice on the copyright issues relating to private collections such as prints or postcards.