Copyright and reproductions

Brent Museum and Archives strives to do our best to abide by copyright legislation whilst providing access to our wonderful collections to the Brent community and wider public.

While many photographs, audio-visual recordings and paper records in the collection have been donated directly from Brent Council or have transferred copyright to Brent Museum and Archives, a great deal of the items in our collection still have copyright ownership outside of our scope.

In some cases the original copyright holder, or their successor, is known and named in our catalogue. This information is easily accessible and can be provided upon request. This is not the case for all items in the collection. For example, it is near impossible to obtain copyright information for postcards published by early twentieth century companies. Brent Museum and Archives will always carry out due diligence in obtaining information Rights ownership but there will be instances where the copyright status is unknown or unverifiable. These are identified as ‘orphan works.’ If you would like further information into how copyright affects you or your use of items from the collection, please contact us.

If you wish to use an image in Brent Museum and Archives collection you will be charged a 'reproduction fee' providing permission to reproduce images which we have digitised and supplied. In the case of images that are under our copyright or are copyright-free, the 'reproduction fee' is treated as a 'copyright fee'. It is important to note that gaining copyright permission not held by Brent Museum and Archives is the responsibility of the user and not Brent Museum and Archives. A reprographics form must be signed as part of the purchasing process; this can be done both in the search room and electronically via email.

Images may not be reproduced, published or distributed in any format without the permission of Brent Museum and Archives. Any items from the collection that are used, following permission being granted, must be credited with the caption “Thanks to Brent Museum and Archives”

Charges vary depending on use - starting at £7 for private non-commercial use, and at £37.50 for commercial use. Discounts may be available for students, registered charities and community groups. We will also provide a discount for requests of more than 5 images. For any reprographic fee enquiries, please contact

We do not provide a printed photographic service. All images are available as digital files only. Should you wish to have copies of archival records visitors are welcome to purchase the daily non-flash photography fee of £5. This provides permission to photograph documents in the search room in accordance with data protection legislation.

Should you publish a book using material from our collection, we would be grateful for a copy of the book or programme, or an off-print of the article, to be added to the local studies collection.

We are not in a position to offer legal advice on copyright issues relating to private collections such as prints or postcards but will do our best to help with all reprographic enquiries.