Location: The Library at Willesden Green - Exhibition Space, second floor

Dates: 24 February to 18 September 2020

Like many, you may have passed through Cricklewood Broadway but are unlikely to have stopped. As with most arterial roads, Cricklewood Broadway is too big to be beautiful, too busy to be peaceful and too diverse to be gentrified. 

And yet there it flows, through the heart of the community, an artery connecting the many veins it supplies – functional, practical, life sustaining. Broadway is a community art project

involving workshops, photography session and ‘life-mapping’ to create an immersive and inclusive photographic and storytelling exhibition. 

The project gathers photographs, voice recordings, videos and ‘life maps’ which will become a permanent part of Brent Museum and Archives collections.

In addition to the exhibition, Broadway the play, is a story that follows the artery of Cricklewood Broadway to its beating heart.  

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