FOUND – A living art installation

FOUND – A living art installation, developed with the local community – Community Wall, 19 October 2016–26 March 2016FOUND image

FOUND is a celebration of home, old and new, and what we love (and love to hate) about the place where we live. FOUND has been created with individuals from all over Brent and features their poems, stories and memories.

FOUND started life as part of the Tricycle Theatre's Takeover 2016, and was displayed at the theatre in March 2016. The first phase of the project was developed in collaboration with poet Simon Mole, who ran a series of workshops in local schools and organisations in Brent, where participants wrote short poems about their home, Brent, and what they loved about it.

The second phase of the project, which has been developed with Brent Museum and Archives has been led by Melanie Phillips, and involved the gathering of stories and memories from individuals all over Brent. Stories of the Brent lost, the Brent gone by, of our collective past.

In each phase of the project a collection of postcards has been created, the first with images taken on the Kilburn High Road by photographer Marco Lobo, and the second with images gathered from across Brent Archives providing us with images of Brent over the past 100 years.

These two postcard collections are presented on Willesden Green Library Community Wall, together.

FOUND is called a 'living installation' because there is deliberate space left for anyone to add to the exhibition who would like to. If you would like to contribute to the exhibition please take a postcard, and leave us your poem, story or memory. Just post your completed postcard in the post box to the left of the display.