London: A Bigger Picture

traffic_undergroundThe capital is getting caught up in archive fever courtesy of local screenings celebrating our shared histories captured on camera. Part of London: A Bigger Picture, 15 outer boroughs are showing highlights from their collection, and encouraging you to donate your films to secure its future. 

Watch visual treats and learn local history

Brent Museum and Archives are very excited to be part of this project and hope that it will mean lots of people who live and work in Brent will be able to dive into the wealth of material held by archives across the city, each event is designed to take you on a tour of London across the last century,  as well as tell the story of London on film. 

Specialists from London's Screen Archives' will be on hand to talk about the process of preserving these vital parts of our shared past. 

Preserve your history – donate your films

Children_royal_costumeLondon is one of the world's great cities, with a large and diverse population. Its people, places and events over the past century have been captured on film - in news pieces, by organisations and by home moviemakers.

Some of these films are preserved in archives, libraries, and museums across the region. Now, we want to expand the range and nature of stories that we can tell about the city – and we need your help!

Donations of private collections are vital for archives to ensure that our broad history is preserved for current and future generations. Whatever you've filmed, be it big event or small, a day our or an evening in, all can help enrich your local archive. 

So if you've got a collection of home movies, bring it to your local event and we can look at how you can help fill the gaps in your local collection. Alternatively if you cannot make it to an event please contact

Come and see the KinoVan!

With the advent of cinema at the turn of the twentieth century, local authorities desperate to get public health messages out to the crowded London streets spotted an opportunity: take the message to the people – in a van.

The London Screen Archives has created its own cinema van called the KinoVan. The KinoVan will be coming to lots of different venues in Brent.

Check our events page to find out where it will be appearing next.