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Local history documents

Areas of Brent 

British Empire Exhibition 

  • The West Indies at Wembley,1924with many illustrations from the time, Philip Grant describes the part played by the Caribbean islands in the British Empire Exhibition.
  • The British Empire Exhibition, 1924 to 1925  - Read about the amazing event that changed Wembley's history in this illustrated article by Philip Grant.
  • The Palace of Arts and Palace Arts Way, Wembley Park - A guest blog about the British Empire Exhibition’s Palace of Arts, from “Wembley Matters”.
  • Sierra Leone at the British Empire Exhibition in 1924 - Meet the men and women who came to Wembley from this West African country ninety years ago, in this illustrated article by Philip Grant.
  • When Nigeria came to Wembley, 1924 - Using pictures from contemporary sources in the Brent Archives collections, this illustrated article by Philip Grant gives a fascinating glimpse of the people who lived in the Exhibition's Nigerian native village, and their time in England.
  • Under the Southern Cross - a tour in New Zealand  - a digital copy of a booklet, produced for the British Empire Exhibition in 1924, which gives a detailed introduction to New Zealand in the 1920's, for potential migrants and tourists.
  • Productive Canterbury - New Zealand  - a digital copy of an illustrated leaflet from 1924, which gives a detailed picture of farming in the Canterbury region of New Zealand's South Island in the early 1920's.
  • Canterbury - the Industrial Centre of New Zealand  - this digital copy of an illustrated leaflet from 1924 sets out details of the manufacturing activities carried on in this New Zealand province in the early 1920's, as well as the living and working conditions of the people carrying on these trades.
  • New Zealand - the Land of Opportunity for Sheep & Cattle Farmers- a digital copy of an illustrated leaflet from 1924, which encouraged British livestock farmers to emigrate, and provides a detailed picture of New Zealand agriculture in the early 1920's. 
  • The Express Dairy Company Ltd at the British Empire Exhibition, 1925  - a digital copy of the illustrated booklet produced by the Express Dairy to showcase the company's cafe and modern dairy business displays at the BEE in 1925, with notes on the Wembley connections of the company and its founders, the Barham family.

Buildings and architecture 

Health and social care 



  • Baron Walter Citrine - A short biography of one of the greatest trade union and Labour statesmen of the twentieth century, by Jim Moher.
  • Amy Johnson - Flying from Kingsbury The story of one of aviation's heroines, and the time that she lived in Brent, is told in Philip Grant's illustrated article.
  • Arthur Lucan - the man who was "Old Mother Riley"  Brent has very few blue plaques, commemorating famous people who lived in the borough, but one of them can be found on a large house in Forty Lane, Wembley.
  • Arthur Wint – Jamaica’s first great Olympian He was an athlete, airman, doctor and diplomat - Philip Grant's illustrated article tells the story of the man who won Jamaica's first Olympic gold medal, at Wembley in 1948.
  • Jose Diaz, the Spanish Chairman   Today many people born overseas serve as local councillors, but in this illustrated article Philip Grant tells the story of a man who did so more than 100 years ago.
  • Henry Cooper of Wembley by Philip Grant.
  • Wembley's Rolling Stone   Find out where musician Charlie Watts grew up and went to school in this illustrated article by Philip Grant. 

Transport, industry and farming