Coronavirus update

We are updating our guidance for staff and visitors as the situation evolves and will update the information on our website and through our mailings.

We are taking bookings for assembly presentations, loans box hires and workshops at your school. We are acting in accordance with current government guidelines and supporting schools and staff appropriately.

Assembly presentations at your school

The speaker will wear a mask until they start speaking to the group and then will put it back on at the end of the presentation. No objects will be handled by children during the presentation. The speaker will follow government guidelines on handwashing and social distancing as well as any appropriate procedures informed by the school in advance of the presentation.

Loans box hires

There is a 72 hour quarantine period between each booking by a school which means that week long hires will now not necessarily start and finish on a Monday. The items in the loans boxes include a range of materials such as metal, glass, fabric and paper. We advise you to work to your own Risk Assessment regarding the use of loans boxes at your school.

Workshops at your school

All our workshops involve sharing objects except for the Black History Poetry workshop. The Black History Poetry workshop requires children to have access to paper and a pen/pencil and to be able to look at a screen showing our PDF presentation. All objects for the other workshops are quarantined for 72 hours before and after each school has a workshop using them.

We are developing more online resources and supporting downloadable materials. Please check our educational channel for more details.