During workshops, students handle and explore original archive materials in our Search Room with our Learning team and learn about the purpose of the Archives and the role of the Archivist. 

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KS3 and KS4 workshops

So far, we have worked with secondary schools to develop these workshops:

  • Grunwick Strike in 1970s
    Industrial dispute at the Grunwick Film Processing Laboratories in Chapter Road, Dollis Hill that led to a two-year strike between 1976 and 1978.
  • Suffragists in Willesden
    In the early 20th century there were two main groups active in the campaign for women's suffrage, a term used to describe the right to vote. KS3 - Learning resources
  • World War II or the Second World War was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

What workshops would you like us to offer?

We want to know what workshops secondary schools would like us to offer for KS3 and KS4 students, so please do get in touch to discuss your visit.  

KS1 and KS2 workshops

All our KS1 and KS2 workshops can be delivered at your school or at Brent Museum and Archives.  Workshops are 1 hour in length.

Sudbury 1950s-1960s 

Audience: KS1 and KS2
Ideal for: history, literacy, local area studies

Students learn about changes in Sudbury from 1950s-1960s using interviews from local residents.  The workshop uses music, objects and photos to help children compare changes in toys, leisure, home life and how the area has changed.  This workshop would also be of interest to teachers in other parts of the borough.

Learning resources

Prehistory in Brent


Students learn how everyday life changed from Palaeolithic to Iron Age times in Brent, using replica items such as clothing, Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages pottery, and reconstructions of different forms of shelter.

Children are inspired by the Bronze Age axe head found in Neasden to make a small replica Bronze Age axe head back at school. All resources provided. 

Black History Poetry 

Audience: KS2
Ideal for: history, literacy, Black History Month

Short introduction to BAME history in Brent and further afield. Followed by creative writing activity with images of BAME Brent residents as creative stimulus (Victorian, 1960s, 1970s, 1980)

Learning resources

Windrush Generation Workshop

Audience: KS1 and KS2
Ideal for: history, literacy, Black History Month

This workshop uses music, objects and photographs to help children empathise with members of the Caribbean community who came to Britain as part of the Windrush Generation and who were interviewed as part of the Windrush 70 project in 2018.

The workshops explores the arrival of the HMT Windrush and looks at issues of racism.  Children handle popular domestic objects such as 7" records, a framed 60s wedding photograph, glass ornaments from the Front Room and a full 60s petticoat, allowing them to explore popular items from everyday life. They learn how to play dominoes, a popular leisure activity.

Brent’s Somali community

Audience: KS2
Ideal for: history, Black History Month, communities

Children handle and investigate a range of materials such as personal testimonies from Brent’s Somali community, objects from the nomadic Somali people, traditional Somali dress, photographs and maps to explore Somali traditional culture and the Somali community in Brent.

Learning resources

Ancient Egyptian mummification workshop

Audience: KS2
Ideal for: history, Ancient Egypt, literacy, art and design

Students discover how Ancient Egyptian artefacts came to be in Brent Museum and learn about mummification methods ‘wrapping’ amulets around a doll with linen bandages. They then make an Egyptian amulet to take back to school.

Toys from Brent's past

Audience: KS1
Ideal for: history, science, literacy
Duration: 45 -60 minutes

Queenie, our Victorian doll made from porcelain and real human hair, helps children to think about different objects used for play and the materials used to make them. During the workshop children handle and play with a wide range of replica toys from the past. They explore and discover what life was like for children in the past and the toys they played with.

Homes from Brent’s past

Audience: KS1
Ideal for: history, science, literacy
Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Children handle and explore fascinating household objects. This session highlights the impact of electricity and plastic on the design and convenience of household gadgets. Pupils think about different forms of homes and make connections between materials and their properties.  

Local area study workshops

Audience: KS1 and KS2
Ideal for: local area studies, history, literacy

These are fun, story-based, hands-on and highly visual workshops.  We start with images of the streets immediately around your school so that the children enthusiastically name places they know, simple geographical features, different forms of transport and buildings.

We use an image of a road near their school in the past and the corresponding modern image to compare then and now. Carousel activities then include: dressing up in replica clothes from the past and comparing then and now using images and maps of the local area to see how their local area has changed over the last 150 years.  

Roman Brent Workshop

Audience: KS2
Ideal for: history, Romans, literacy, local area studies

Explore the diversity of the Roman army and life as a Roman soldier marching up Watling Street (now the Edgware Road) using maps of the local area. Children learn about everyday life in Roman times and handle artefacts found in the local area. 

Learning resources

Anglo-Saxon Brent

Audience: KS2
Ideal for: history, Saxons, literacy, local area studies

Children solve the Anglo-Saxon place name puzzle by learning how to read place names on Brent maps to see where Saxon people settled. Children dress in replica clothes and also handle replica domestic objects from the period.

Events from Wembley’s past

Audience: KS2
Ideal for: History, local area studies

Children handle and investigate a wide range of artefacts, costume, music recordings, photographs, maps and newspaper articles to explore Wembley’s varied past, for example why 27 million people came to the British Empire Exhibition in Wembley in 1924/25, Watkin’s Folly and how the High Street has changed over the last 150 years.  

Victorian Brent

Audience: KS2
Ideal for: history, literacy

This engaging session explores the lives of students, servants, the rich and the poor in Victorian Brent. Our handling collection illuminates the severe rules in Victorian schools and explores the daily toil for servants.

Our replica costumes, based on photographs in our collection, bring the era to life for your students as they dress in Victorian fashions.  Children explore an image of the earliest photograph record of a black resident in Brent.

Brent in the First World War

Audience: KS2
Ideal for: history, literacy
Duration: 60 minutes

Children explore the impact of World War I on the people of Brent through handling and investigating a wide range of materials including photographs, artefacts, maps, local stories and costume, developing transferable historical enquiry skills. 

Children explore issues on the wider world stage by learning about the contributions of African soldiers to WW1

Brent in the Second World War

Audience: KS2
Ideal for: history, literacy
Duration: 60 minutes

Children explore the impact of World War II on the people of Brent by handling and investigating a wide range of materials including photos, newspaper extracts, personal testimonies, original artefacts such as gas masks, ration books and tinned eggs, developing transferable historical enquiry skills.