Workshop booking form

Please note: the toys used in the workshop and loans box are very similar so you might find that the children are repeating activities if you book both the loans box and workshop for the same group of children in the same academic year or if they have done the Toys workshop or engaged with Toys loans box in a previous year.

Before booking, please read our workshop information.

Workshop booking form

Workshop booking form


Workshop information 

Our Workshops 

If the class has already done the Local Area, Victorians and Homes in the past workshops in this academic year/previous academic years please note that the clothes and domestic items are the same for each of these workshops so they will already have handled them.

Homes and Houses workshop - During the workshop we will be looking at domestic artefacts that illustrate how homes a long time ago functioned particularly looking at how electricity and plastic have changed our domestic environments and using dressing up in replica Victorian costumes.

Please let us know whether you would prefer us to hold up some pictures of different sorts of homes (e.g. tower block, terraced houses) and ask the children what a home contains (somewhere to sleep, eat, rest, wash and somewhere you feel safe) or will you be doing that in class and so we should give the children longer with the artefacts? 

Workshops at Brent Museum and Archives

If you have booked a workshop at Brent Museum and Archives, please consider the following:

Journey length

When booking your travel, please ensure you book your free travel for the whole day rather than a half day to allow you time to get back to school if necessary. Please ensure you arrive no less than 10 minutes before allocated time to give children time to hang their coats and bags etc. after arrival before the start of the first workshop.

Length of workshops and stay

All our workshops are 1 hour.

If you are coming for a workshop and bringing two classes at a time, one class spends time in the Museum galleries and then swaps over with the other class to have their workshop in the Education Room.

Please allow 20 mins to clear the Education Room and for swap over time if you would like to have 2 classes come and stay for lunch.

Our Education Room can accommodate one class for lunch seated at tables or two classes eating their lunch sitting on the floor at a time.  The Education Room is where the workshops take place.  Please allow 45 mins for the children to eat and clear up rubbish. 

Please note, no workshops can be booked to be held after lunch due to clean up of the Education Room.

Workshops at your school

If booking a workshop to be held at your school, please allow: 10 mins for the workshop leader to go to another classroom and for the next workshop to start if it is in a different location. 5 mins for the children to leave and for the next class to come in if the workshops are taking place in the same location.