My Heart Beats for Brent

Let’s get our heart rates up for 30 minutes a day and show the fantastic facilities, classes, clubs and open spaces in Brent some love.

Just 30 minutes of activity is proven to have massive benefits to your health and the good news is there are hundreds of places and ways to get active in the borough.

‘My heart beats for Brent’ is inspired by the many active residents who already demonstrate a real affection for the facilities; classes; parks; open spaces and clubs in Brent and many of these activities are absolutely FREE!

Benefits of exercising just 30 minutes a day

Benefits include:

  • boosting your cardiovascular endurance
  • regulating your cholesterol
  • improving your heart health
  • lowering your blood pressure
  • burning calories to help you maintain your weight or shed a few pounds.

Short on long chunks of time?

Even brief bouts of activity offer benefits for instance, if you can't fit in one 30-minute walk, try three 10-minute walks instead.

What's most important is making regular physical activity part of your lifestyle.

Watch how people are already exercising with #GetYour30