Staying happy and healthy during COVID-19

Parks and open spaces are open for exercise in line with government guidance. Outdoor gym and tennis courts to close. We are urging people to follow the latest public health advice while out and about. 

This is a difficult time, but there are still lots of things you can do at home to stay happy and healthy during COVID-19.

Jump-start your day the right way

There are plenty of ways you can work out while at home or outside once a day, so why not factor one of these into your daily routine?

  • Set yourself a new challenge – Download the Couch to 5K app to work your way up from walking to running in just nine weeks.
  • Get your daily fix with Joe Wicks –Try a family-friendly workout with Joe Wicks’ free PE lessons streamed live every weekday at 9am on his YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV.
  • Walk your way to health – Try to go for a walk every day and if you want to build up your brisk walking levels, download the Active 10 app.
  • Leisure centres go online – Brent’s leisure centres may be closed, but providers 1 Life and Everyone Active both have discounted online memberships available which you can sign up to if you’re missing your regular workouts.

Better food, better mood

While at home, try to make sure you eat healthy meals that include fruit and vegetables, starchy foods like potatoes or pasta, and protein, as this will help boost your immune system and strengthen your mood.

You could also try out some new recipes while at home and the following websites have lots of healthy and delicious options:

Looking after your mental wellbeing

Here are some of the things you can do to help improve your mental health and wellbeing while keeping to the government rules and staying at home.

5 + 1 ways of wellbeing

Connect – Use social media or the phone to keep in touch with friends and family

Be active – Do some workouts at home or go outside for one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk, or cycle in your local area

Take notice – Have quiet reflection time or write down your thoughts in a journal. Pay attention to your local surroundings and see what new things you can find when you go outside.

Keep learning – Take on a dance challenge with the family, learn a language, new skill or an instrument. Check out the council’s e-Library to discover your perfect read.

Give – Volunteer to help a neighbour, donate to a local charity or put some household products in the food bank bin next time you go shopping.

Create – Cook or bake something new with your children or family, start and finish a puzzle, draw, take pictures, write a poem or a song.

For more information about improving your mental health and wellbeing, visit the NHS’s Every Mind Matters website.

Stop smoking support

Many people may be feeling stressed, anxious and bored at this time, which can often result in wanting to smoke more.

Stop Smoking London’s team of specialist advisors are on hand to help residents of Brent. They can give personalised support to help you manage your triggers and fight those nicotine cravings.

Call 0300 123 1044 today or learn more about your smoking triggers at

Extra support

It is normal to feel a bit anxious at a time like this, here are some numbers to call if it feels like it is getting too much: