About our parks

There are many parks in Brent, from formal Victorian gardens to more than 1,000 acres of public open space including Fryent Country Park.

As a council, we design, build, and maintain parks and their features and consult on nature conservation. Find out more about how we’re encouraging biodiversity in our parks and open spaces. We also manage outdoor sport facilities such as tennis courts in our parks.
Please be courteous and considerate of other park users, as well as the environment.

Sign in a Brent Park

The following things are not permitted in our parks:

  • Use of Illegal drugs or psychoactive substances
  • Consumption of alcohol (unless permitted by the Council)
  • Littering or illegal rubbish dumping
  • Flying drones or other model aircraft (unless permitted by the Council)
  • Driving motor vehicles, including mopeds
  • Defacing or damaging fixtures including park furniture
  • Losing control of dogs or walking them in dog-free areas (check signage). To this end, no more than four dogs should be walked at a time
  • Lighting fires or using barbecues
  • Using fireworks (unless permission has been obtained from the council)
  • Urinating or defecating anywhere other than a serviced public toilet
  • Launching sky lanterns
  • Erecting gazebos without prior permission
  • Taking flowers, plants or other wildlife away from the park

Public Space Protection Orders (or PSPOs) are in place across all of our parks and open spaces to discourage these behaviours and help us to enforce against them.


Contact us about our parks

Contact us on 020 8937 5619 or brent.parks.services@brent.gov.uk