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Get Involved

Widen your knowledge of all things related to biodiversity by visiting the organisations listed below:

  • The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - Find out information about birds and take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch each January.
  • Butterfly Conservation -Discover information on butterflies and moths and take part in the annual Big Butterfly Count in July and August.
  • Plantlife - Discover the wonder of wildflowers and see which ones you can find in Brent during the Great British Wildflower Hunt.
  • Grow Wild - Find out how to sow wildflowers and start a wildflower growing project.
  • RHS - Investigate the possibilities of brightening up your local community by making a pledge to join the Greening Grey Britain Campaign, or find out more about community gardening.. The possibilities are endless……

Visit this page regularly to take part in surveys and counts of wildlife across Brent.