Brent’s Bee Corridor

Picture of Brent Meadow

To increase biodiversity in Brent and help flora and fauna to thrive we have changed the way some of our grassed areas are managed, creating wildflower meadows.

Together, these 22 wildflower meadows make up Brent’s Bee Corridor.

Wildflowers add bursts of colour into our parks, as well as encouraging visits from butterflies, moths, dragonflies, bees and numerous other pollinating insects.

Meadows have their own life cycle over the course of a year. In the spring, we will rotate the ground and sow new seeds. Over the summer months the grasses and flowers will be allowed to grow long and lustrous, before being cut back in the autumn ready for the next year.

A full list of all meadow areas for 2019 can be found below along with a corresponding map.

View the map to find your nearest meadow