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Meadows and Open Spaces

To increase the amount of biodiversity in our Parks and Open Spaces, a change has been made in the way our grassed areas are managed. Our larger parks allow for a wide mix of uses of the area; including amenity grass to allow for ball games and picnics as well as the newly introduced meadow areas.

This year, we are also introducing wildflowers into our meadow areas. Not only will this introduce bursts of colour into our meadows, it will also lead to increased visits from butterflies, moths, dragonflies, bees and numerous other pollinating insects.

You can participate in numerous activities in our ‘Get Involved’ section; which will include the British Bird Count, Butterfly Count and the Wildflower Hunt, at various times throughout the year.

A full list of all meadow areas for 2019 can be found below along with a corresponding map.