Fryent Country Park

Aerial view of Fryent Park

Fryent Country Park covers 103 hectares of traditional Middlesex countryside.

The park is surrounded by suburbia and bisected by Fryent Way and it lies about 15km north west of central London.

Barn Hill, the highest point, rises to 86m and is capped by pebble gravel, while Gotfords Hill (63m), Beane Hill (65m) and the remainder of the park are on London clay.

A tributary of the Gaderbrook, seasonally flows through the northern edge of the park and the Capital Ring footpath passes through it.

A designated nature reserve, it is also used by local conservation volunteer groups like Friends of Fryent Park and the Barn Hill Conservation Group, as well as recreation use.

A small part is let on licence for grazing of ponies. There is no formal organised sport.

The park is classed as metropolitan open land and is a wildlife site of metropolitan importance to London (under the system adopted by us and the Greater London Authority). It is also cited as public open space in our Unitary Development Plan.


  • Fryent Way, Kingsbury, London NW9


  • Rough surfaced car park for approximately 50 vehicles, accessed from the western side of Fryent Way
  • Stables for horses on eastern side of park off Slough Lane.

Location map