BMX, cycle trail and scooter tracks

We have three tracks at the Chalkhill open space, Barnhill Road, HA9 9BU, for bike and scooter users to enjoy.

Please note that some club sessions may take priority at certain times.

BMX track

The BMX track is a single lane BMX track perfect for BMX riders of any age, ability or gender.

With a start hill to get you going, three berms (corners) and four straights, the BMX track is the perfect place to learn and practice your BMX skills.

The BMX track can be ridden in either direction. Due to its unique design, it can also be ridden in a long or short route or line. It is perfect for a taste of BMXing for any age.

Family cycle trail

This is a specially designated cycling trail for the whole family with boulder stones placed to add features to the trail and help create a natural segregation from riders and pedestrians.

It’s suitable for children and families who are new to cycling.

The family trail snakes its way around the Chalkhill open space.

Scooter track

The scooter track consists of small low obstacles linking from one to another.

There is a low start hill to allow riders to gain sufficient speed to negotiate the obstacles along the track.

The entire scooter track is finished in asphalt to allow a smooth finish for the small wheeled scooters and bikes.

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