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Kinja FC

  • Monday 6pm to 8pm - ages 10 to 12 girls
  • Monday 6pm to 7pm for under 12 boys
  • Monday 7pm to 8pm for under 14 girls
  • Tuesday 6pm to 8pm - ages 12 to 13 boys
  • Thursday 6pm to 7pm ladies only
  • Thursday 6pm to 7pm for under 12 girls
  • Friday 5pm to 6pm for ages 9 to 10 boys
  • Friday 5pm to 7pm for under 14 girls

Kinja FC is an enthusiastic, fun and passionate club that caters to players of all skills and levels.

They play all year and the cost to join starts from £99.




Uliano Muzzioli


07432 114580


Ark Academy, Bridge Road, Wembley HA9 9JR