SuperSkills Soccer coaching

For boys and girls of all ages (above 5).

You can call us to book a free trial session to try the SuperSkills system. 

SuperSkills is a new and unique way of creating well trained athletes and skilful individual football players through focusing on agility, complete ball mastery and confidence.

They exist to develop "Super" skills - above and beyond "normal" skills - in each and every player that joins so that they can be the most skilful player for their local or school teams (or get selected for their teams if they don't play for one).

Progress through our martial-arts style belt system to be ultimately recognised as a true master of the ball. 

Currently running in three locations in Brent:

  • Willesden Sport Centre, Donnington Rd, London NW10 3QX
  • Ark Academy, Bridge Road, Wembley HA9 9JP
  • JFS School, The Mall, Kenton, Harrow HA3 9TE

For timetables and more information please visit website.





Harsh Mandavia

Contact number

07793 447227