Wembley Lawn Tennis Club

Wembley Lawn Tennis Club was formed in 1930 as part of the Wembley Cricket and Sports Association. We will support you to learn and grow with other beginner players and provide a supportive environment allowing you to progress at the pace comfortable to you. Come and make new friends and learn to play your best tennis as quickly as you want or wish.

The club is located off Sudbury Avenue, opposite Rustic Place HA0 3BG

  • Courts are available up to 10.30pm every day
  • All hard courts have good floodlights (£2 per hour)
  • Senior and junior teams
  • Sessions run for various age groups and ability levels
  • Once a year subscription

Wembley Lawn Tennis Club half way up Sudbury Avenue, Wembley

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0208 903 6175


Wembley Lawn Tennis Club, Off Sudbury Avenue, Opposite Rustic Place HA0 3BG