An exhibition of work created during challenging times exploring how creating art helps to overcome and transform people’s lives; art-making is a resource for health and wellbeing.

8th - 26th February

(Physical exhibition to be held at Willesden Gallery in August 2021)

In the current climate, whilst dealing with the uncertainty and anxiety caused by the global pandemic, art can help us become more resilient and support our health and wellbeing. Now more than ever it is important to engage in mindful creative and artistic processes and bring artists together across our community.


Re:store Re:new Re:imagine - finding balance through art


We have invited artists living and working in London to submit artworks for our new exhibition, Re:store, Re:new, Re:imagine – finding balance through art. Bringing together 35 works from various art forms, like photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and video, the exhibition showcases both emerging and established artists. Artwork will be for sale, with all proceeds going directly to each artist.


Featured artists:

Agnieszka Laskus
Magdalena Gluszak-Holeksa
Audrey Aguirre
Marc Fresko
Aurelie Freoua
Maria Kaleta
Bethe Bronson*
Marianne Simonin
Champa Goria
Matt Lee & Smriti Mehra
Danbob Clarke
Miranda Lopatkin
Ella Frost*
Nicole Wassall
Henryk Terpilowski
Punam Singh
Holly Watson
Robert Daoust
Jagruti Modi
Ruth Craig
Sam van Strien
Jan Locke
Jonathan Armstrong
Sampy Sicada
Jose Gomez
Shereena Habib
KV Duong
Svetlana Altavina
Laurence Jansen
Tika Viker-Bloss
Lily Hargreaves
Yvette Blumberg
Lin Wan-Ru
Zahrah Vawda
Lynn Dennison*

*video submission; shown below.

Curated by Nadia Nervo, for more information contact

Ella Frost - Ghosts

Bethe Bronson - Day in, Day out

Lynn Dennison - 30 days