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Re:store Re:new Re:imagine - finding balance through art

An exhibition of work created during challenging times. Exploring how art helps to transform people’s lives; art making as a resource for health and well-being.

Thu 5 August – 3 Sept 2021

Following the online exhibition in February 2021, Willesden gallery is pleased to present

Re:store, Re:new, Re:imagine – finding balance through art.

In the current climate, whilst dealing with the uncertainty and anxiety caused by the global pandemic, art can help us become more resilient and support our health and wellbeing. Now more than ever it is important to engage in mindful creative and artistic processes and bring artists together across our community.

We have invited artists living and working in London to submit artworks for our exhibition, Re:store, Re:new, Re:imagine – finding balance through art. Bringing together 32 works from various art forms including photography, painting, printmaking, sculpture, collage and video, the exhibition showcases both emerging and established artists. Artwork will be for sale, with all proceeds going directly to each artist.

Featured artists:

Agnieszka Laskus
Audrey Rangel Aguirre
Aurelie Freoua
Bethe Bronson
Champa Goria
Danbob Clarke
Ella Frost
Henryk Terpilowski
Holly Watson
Jagruti Modi
Jonathan Armstrong
Jose Gomez
KV Duong
Laurence Jansen
Lily Hargreaves
Lin Wan-Ru
Lynn Dennison
Magdalena Gluszak-Holeksa
Marc Fresko
Maria Kaleta
Marianne Simonin
Matt Lee & Smriti Mehra
Miranda Lopatkin
Nicole Wassall
Punam Singh
Robert Daoust
Ruth Craig
Sam van Strien
Shereena Habib
Svetlana Atlavina
Yvette Blumberg
Zahrah Vawda

Curated by Nadia Nervo
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expression in colour

Chris Cook

7th – 18th September 2021

These paintings produced in 2020/21 by Chris Cook during the lockdown are reactions and attempts to override the negative effects of the pandemic. She hoped to express a more positive mood by using lots of colour, shape and movement.

Maurice Vlaminck and other Fauves, such as André Derain, influence her work because of their use of colour. Other artists who have been an inspiration, especially in the use of colour, are Sonia Delaunay, Vincent Van Gogh, Vasily Kandinsky, Howard Hodgkin and David Hockney. She uses complementary and discordant colours for dramatic effect. In psychology colour is seen as the language of emotion, which her work is about. The work shown is mostly developed from ‘doodles’ which come from the subconscious.

The outlines around the shapes derive from her love of the bare branches of the trees in winter giving a stained-glass window effect. Her love of nature is evident in small hints of it emerging in these paintings. The last touches are the dots which are a way of breaking up the surface and adding more colour contrasts.

The artist

Chris studied at Bradford Art College and The Institute of Education, London University. In the mid 1960’s she taught at Stafford college, and then in the East end of London. From the 1970’s she taught art in Brent schools, including Queens Park Community School and lastly at John Kelly (Crest Academy). Since retiring in the early 2000’s she painted regularly but because of the recent situation her work has become more prolific, colourful and joyful and colour seems to have exploded into her life! Often, she paints with a background of Jazz or Reggae playing.

Chris wanted to have this her first exhibition to celebrate her 80th birthday.



An exhibition about a Surrealist journey and its discoveries

Patrick Hourihan 

5 - 16 October 2021

Inside Patrick Hourihan’s skull there nestles a mental coral reef alive with magical images of unknown dramas and unfamiliar conflicts. His private world is as intense, as complicated and as visually captivating as anything the ocean reefs have to offer. His technical wizardry allows him to explore this world of the unconscious and permits us to eavesdrop on its many perverse and contradictory scenes. His work has the special merit of being instantly recognisable as his. No other artist comes close to his imagery. An intrepid internal explorer, he is quite splendidly alone in his voyages of irrational beauty’ Desmond Morris, April 2019

This selection of paintings, drawings and boxed found objects represents the work of Lon- don-based Surrealist Patrick Hourihan. He has used automatic drawing and other chan- nels of accidental discovery as a way to unlock the poetic potential and sense of the Marvellous that awaits in seemingly mundane and unexpected situations of everyday life. The spirit of this exhibition seduces the viewer to look through newly opened windows with the dreamer’s innocent eye.

Patrick Hourihan is London born. He studied at the Watford School of Art. He has been creating imaginative worlds since childhood, leading to a love of Surrealism while at col- lege. He was, for a number of years, an active member of the Surrealist London Action Group (S.L.A.G.)

IG: @hourihan.patrick