Apply for a primary or junior school place for September 2022


  • National offer day is Tuesday 19 April 2022
  • Offer emails are sent in the evening on 19 April 2022
  • The online application system is updated with offers and applicants can respond from the evening of 19 April 2022.


Responding to offers (accepting/rejecting)

  • Respond to offers by 4 May 2022
  • Online applicants must respond to the offer online by logging into the e-admissions website using their email address or username and their password
  • We strongly advise applicants to accept the place offered. Accepting the offer secures the school for your child, so you have a back up, in case you’re unsuccessful in the second or third rounds or your appeal is not upheld
  • Accepting the place does not effect your waiting list position or appeals
  • If you do not accept the offer the place may be offered to another applicant, and subsequent offers may be further away from your home.


Further Offers

  • After National offer day we continue to process applications and make offers on behalf of schools until the end of August 2021. Schools do not offer places directly.
  • Two additional rounds of offers will be sent out according to the timetable below
  • All late applicants will be offered a place in the second and third round.


 Second RoundThird round

Last date for changes to be included in the round
(e.g. changed address /  preferences)

4 May 2022 20 May 2022

Offers will be sent by first class post to successful
applicants only

Week ending
13 May 2022
Week ending
17 June 2022

Successful applicants must respond by this date

20 May 2022 24 June 2022

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