Appeals and waiting lists

Check your waiting list position

If have submitted an application for an in-year school place you will be able to check your waiting list positions for community schools by using the unique application reference number that is shown at the top of your acknowledgement letter (304-20XX-XX-X-XXXXXX) and your child's date of birth. 

We are only able to provide waiting list positions for community primary schools. If you would like to check your waiting list position for Academies, Foundation, Voluntary Aided or Free schools (including all secondary schools) you will need to contact the school directly. 

Check waiting list 

Reapply to remain on the waiting list

Current in-year waiting lists for Brent schools will be refreshed during the summer break in July 2021 in preparation for the new academic year which starts in September 2021. Waiting lists for the 2020/21 academic year will close on Friday 11 June 2021.

All applicants who want to remain on a waiting list into the new academic year starting in September 2021 must complete a new in-year online application for the 2021/22 academic year.

This will affect Brent schools whose In Year applications are coordinated by the council.

Reception, junior and secondary transfer applications

Your child will be automatically added to the waiting list for any Brent schools you listed as a higher preference than the school you were offered. For schools outside Brent you should contact the admissions authority for each school for details about how waiting lists are managed.

Waiting list will be maintained until at least the end of the autumn term 2021. To remain on the waiting list throughout the entire 2021/22 academic year you must reapply as advised above.

In-year applications

If we offer you a school place your child will not be going on to the waiting list for any schools you listed on your application. You must request to remain on the waiting lists and your offer letter will explain how to make the request.

If we are unable to offer you a place at any school then your child will automatically go onto the waiting list of all the schools you listed on your application.

Who has priority on the waiting list?

Your child’s place on the waiting list is determined by the school's oversubscription criteria (admission rules). When a space becomes available all children on the waiting list are considered. 

The child with the highest priority according to the school's oversubscription criteria will be offered a place. The length of time spent on the waiting list will not give priority over other applicants. 

It is possible for a child to go down as well as up the list as other children leave and join the list. Being on a waiting list is no guarantee of a place at that school.