School performance tables

Performance tables for schools are produced in December, following the end of an academic year.

Primary school performance tables

Primary school performance tables provide information on the performance of children in each of the authority's junior and primary schools following Key Stage 2. Most children at this stage will be in their last year of primary education (i.e. Year 6).

The tables show the percentage of children achieving National Curriculum Level 4 or above in tests for English, mathematics and science.

Secondary school performance tables

The secondary school performance tables give information on the performance of children in each of the authority's maintained schools with secondary age pupils at the end of Key Stage 3 and 4.

Following Key Stage 4, the majority of children will be finishing their last year of compulsory education and taking public examinations after GCSE/GNVQ courses of study.

The performance of pupils beyond Key Stage 4 will include children who have remained in education beyond the compulsory period, normally to undertake advanced courses of study, e.g. A Level, AS Level and Advanced GNVQ. These results are now found in the post-16 performance tables.

Performance tables on the Department for Education website

The DfE site contains details about how the results in the tables are found and how to interpret the information contained in the tables.