School Place Planning Strategy 2019-2023

In November 2018 Brent Council’s Cabinet approved the School Place Planning Strategy 2019-23. The strategy outlined the projected need for school places in Brent together with the objectives and operating principles which would underpin the Council’s approach to school organisation. 

As the champion for all children and young people in the borough, Brent Council has statutory duties to promote the wellbeing, safety and achievement of Brent children and to promote high standards that help all children to fulfil their potential. Brent Council also holds the statutory duty to ensure sufficient school places for Brent children. This strategy sets out how Brent will deliver sufficient school places in context of the Council’s statutory duties, ensuring that school place delivery supports the achievement of the best outcomes for Brent children.

The 2019-2023 School Place Planning Strategy sets the following expectations:

School Place Planning Strategy Measures of success

  • All Brent schools are good or outstanding, with an increased proportion of schools outstanding, over the duration of this strategy
  • All Brent schools thrive in effective partnerships with other schools, promoting resilience and mutual support
  • The Council and schools work together to meet the challenge of providing sufficient school places
  • The delivery of sufficient school places enables the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Brent Strategic Framework for School Effectiveness 2017-2020
  • All schools operate in good quality, safe premises
  • Children are educated close to home
  • Schools work with the local communities they serve
  • The Council and schools work in partnership to effectively meet the needs of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • The Council and schools make efficient use of resources.

Our operating principles which underpin Brent’s approach to school place planning were reviewed and refreshed for the 2019-23 strategy updating our assessment of the need for places across the borough. The School Place Planning Strategy is refreshed annually.

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