Secondary school offers

National offer day for Secondary School Offers is Monday 2nd March 2020. 

 This page has information for you about: 

    • the offer letter and responding to it
    • what happens next
    • schools with vacancies
    • waiting lists
    • changing your preferences and other details
    • appeals
    • how places were offered
    • North Brent School
    • contact details

Offer letters

Offers were emailed to online applicants on the evening of Monday 2 March 2020. If you applied using a paper form an offer letter was sent by first class post on Monday 2 March and you should receive the letter on Tuesday 3 or Wednesday 4 March 2020. 

If you have not received your offer letter by Wednesday 4 March email  

Information about which school has been offered will not be provided over the telephone.  

Responding to the offer 

You must accept or decline the offer by Monday 16 March 2020. If you applied using a paper form the offer letter explains how to respond. 

If you applied online you must respond to the offer through the eAdmissions website. When you log in to your account go to the 'My school admissions' page, then select 'View outcome and respond'

Please note: 

  • you are encouraged to accept the offer that is made to ensure your child has a school place for September 2020
  • declining the offer means the place will be given to the next child on the waiting list in the second round - it may not be possible to offer the same school again
  • declining an offer will not make it more likely that you will be offered a higher preference school in the next round
  • accepting an offer will not disadvantage an application for higher ranked schools or at appeals.

What happens next 

There are two further rounds of offers as outlined in the table below. We will only contact you again if we are able to make an offer for one of your higher preference schools. Late applications will also be considered during these offer rounds. If you submitted an application after the closing date of 31 October 2019, you will receive an offer letter at the end of the next round.

Deadlines and dates for the two further rounds of offers
 Deadline for applications / changesOffer sent outRespond to offer by
Second round offers Monday 16 March 2020 Week ending Friday 27 March 2020 Friday 3 April 2020
Third round offers Monday 4 May 2020 Week ending Friday 22 May 2020 Friday 29 May 2020

After the third round, vacant places will be offered regularly as and when they become available.

Schools with vacancies

The schools outlined below have vacancies or short waiting lists as of Monday 2 March 2020. You can add these schools to your preferences for the next round of offers by completing the change of circumstances form. If a local authority is not listed below, please contact them directly for information about vacancies in the area. 

Schools in Brent with vacancies or short waiting lists as of Monday 2 March 2020

Local authority



 Ark Elvin Academy, HA9 7DU

The Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College, NW10 4EP (Girls)

The Crest Academy, NW2 7SN 

Kingsbury High School, NW9 9JR

Newman Catholic College, NW10 3RN (Boys)

Waiting lists

Children will be automatically added to the waiting list for any Brent schools listed as higher preferences than the school offered. For schools outside Brent you should contact the admissions authority for each school for details about how waiting lists are managed. Applications for any schools listed as lower preferences than the offered school have been withdrawn. 

Are you happy with the offer? 

Applicants who are happy with the offered school and no longer wish to be considered for schools they ranked higher on their application must request that their child is taken off the waiting list by emailing Children on waiting lists may be offered a higher preference school in the future and if this happens their current offer will no longer be available. If you are unsure about whether to remain on the waiting list please seek advice from Brent school admissions. 

Changing your preferences and other details

You can change your preferences and other details by completing the change of circumstances form. It is important that you advise us if any details of your application have changed (eg your address).  If you are offered a place based on out-of-date information the offer may be withdrawn. 


You have the right to appeal against the refusal to offer a place at any school you listed on your application. To appeal for a place at a Brent secondary school, you must approach the school directly. If you wish to appeal to a school outside Brent, you should contact the school or relevant local authority for details of the appeal process.Appeals should be lodged within 20 schools days of the offer date. 

How places were offered

If you have not been offered your first preference, you will be sent a letter which outlines how your application was processed. The letter includes the criteria and distance used when ranking your applications. This information, when compared with the summary of all offers at Brent secondary schools, will allow you to determine why you were not offered a higher preference school.Secondary transfer offers for children starting in September 2020 were made on 2nd March 2020. The document below shows how places were offered at Brent secondary schools.

Information about how an application was processed by schools outside Brent may not be shown on the letter. If you have a query about how an application was processed for a school outside Brent, you can contact the relevant local authority directly. If it was not possible to offer any of the schools listed on your application then a place was offered at the nearest school to your home that had vacancies remaining after everyone who applied on-time had been offered.

North Brent School

Pupils who have received an offer at North Brent School and an offer from the local authority must decide which school they would like to accept. This means that applicants will need to notify the Wembley Multi Academy Trust and the School Admissions team at Brent Council of their decision. We will be writing to all families who have received two offers with further instructions about how to respond.

Contact details

Contact details for the Brent School Admissions team and School Admissions teams in neighbouring local authorities are available on page 35 of the Brent Secondary Schools Guide 2020/21.