Information for parents

You may want your child to attend an OOSS to:

  • Support your child’s school work
  • Improve grades or exam results
  • Learn a new skill, i.e. how to play a musical instrument
  • Take part in activities such as sports or drama
  • Build confidence and ability in reading, maths or writing
  • Teach your child more about their heritage, faith or culture
  • Support you with childcare

Where are children taught?

Lessons or activities may be held in a variety of venues such as halls, community centres, youth clubs, places of worship, mainstream schools and premises on the high street.

When do they operate?

They run throughout the week in the evenings, or at weekends. OOSS should not teach children of school age for more than 18 hours a week. If they do, they must register with the Department for Education as an independent school.

What will my child learn?

They offer a range of learning opportunities, including national curriculum subjects (English, maths, science and others), religious studies, mother-tongue classes, cultural studies and a range of extra activities, such as sport, music, dance and drama.

Will my child be safe?

If you are thinking of sending your child to an OOSS, you will want to make sure they learn, have fun and are safe. Everyone has a responsibility for safeguarding children and you will want to make sure that your child is kept safe as when you leave them in the care of others. It is a good idea to ask to see the OOSS’s Safeguarding Policy before you enrol your child.

Also consider... 

  • Visiting and speaking to the manager or head teacher
  • Asking to be shown around – check the premises are clean and safe when you visit
  • Asking about teachers’ qualifications
  • Finding out if staff have been checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  • If your child has special educational needs, check the school can meet his/her needs.

Can my child’s school help me to find an out of school setting or provider?

Your child’s school is often the best place to start. Many schools offer before and after-school clubs on the school site.  Safety will then be covered by the policies and procedures of the school. Your child’s school may also know about good quality settings and providers that may be of interest. Some tutors work in association with schools, others work independently and can be found through talking to other parents and community forums, social media or noticeboards.

Whatever you arrange for your child, it is helpful to tell the school so that they’re aware and can support you more by discussing for example, what your child may need extra help with or what they feel would benefit your child most.

Where else can I find a local out of school setting?

Out of school settings usually advertise locally. You can also find some out of school settings on the Brent Community Directory.

Note: Brent Council does not maintain or formally inspect the out of school settings included in this directory. The inclusion of a setting should not therefore be taken as an endorsement. It is important that parents and carers satisfy themselves that a particular setting is appropriate and safe for their child.

Do not be afraid to ask questions

A well-run group, high quality tutors, coaches and organisations will always welcome questions about their activities, the safety of their environment and care of your child. So feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Contact us

Brent Council looks forward to hearing from you if you have an experience of an OOSS you would like to share or want to ask us a question or if you have any suggestions. 

Suzie Yassin/ Patricia Sheldon

Out of School Settings Project Coordinator/ Administrator

020 8937 1452/ 020 8937 1686

"It is everyone's responsibility to protect children"

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