Information for providers

If you are an existing out of school setting operating in Brent or thinking of setting up, there is information and support available to ensure that you are running a safe and effective provision for children and young people.

The legal requirements are the same as for any community or voluntary organisations working with children and young people. Provision must be safe and non-discriminatory. Other requirements depend on factors such as whether you employ staff, own your premises or charge fees.

The Brent Out of School Settings (OOSS) newsletter is solely dedicated to supporting OOSS in Brent with policy updates, advice, information and other useful links.

To request a copy, email The newsletter is also available from the BESTBrent website.

Brent DfE Pilot Project

Brent is one of the Department for Education (DfE) OOSS pilot boroughs and as such we would like to work with a select group of settings to better understand and develop Brent OOSS. Through the pilot project Brent aims to:

  • Engage and support a small group of OOSS to raise their standards through participation in free training and quality assurance.
  • Establish a forum to create a strong group of OOSS in Brent to access support, raise their standards and to have better insight into the challenges and needs of OOSS (e.g. resources, suitability of buildings).
  • Proactively link Brent OOSS with existing local services and resources.
  • Share and promote best practice across OOSS in Brent.

To be part of this group and access free support and training, email

Recommended actions for OOSS


  • Take part in the Brent OOSS pilot project

  • Become a member of the Young Brent Foundation  

  • Review and update existing policies and procedures and contact Brent Council for more support

  • Attend Good Management Course for OOSS

  • Read and share the Brent OOSS newsletter for up to date information and training and event details.

  • Add your supplementary school’s contacts to the Brent Community Directory Join our directory or update your entry

See recommended actions for staff/volunteers and parents and families.

Contact us

Brent Council looks forward to hearing from you if you have an experience of an OOSS you would like to share or want to ask us a question or if you have any suggestions. 

Suzie Yassin/ Patricia Sheldon

Out of School Settings Project Coordinator/ Administrator

020 8937 1452/ 020 8937 1686

"It is everyone's responsibility to protect children"

If you have any concerns about a child being harmed or at risk of harm please contact us.

Children and their parents may need urgent help. Please contact: Brent Family Front Door on: 020 8937 4300 (option 1).

If you are calling outside normal office hours (9am to 5pm) please call our emergency duty team on: 020 8863 5250.

Contact our protection team