DfE Pilot Project - Training Partners

As part of the DfE pilot project, Brent is working with a number of training partners and providers, these include HA9, Faith Associates and NRCSE.

Faith AssociatesFaith Associates is an organisation that offers a number of services for Madrassahs and faith based organisations including teacher training, safeguarding and management training. More information is available from the Faith Associates Website.

The National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE) is a national strategic and support organisation for community-led supplementary schools and the wider supplementary education sector across England. The National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE) logoThey aim to help raise the profile of supplementary schools and their standards of safeguarding, teaching, learning and management. For more information visit the NRCSE website

HA9 proactively visits and mentors OOSS through the HA9 ‘Safer Out of Schools Settings’ programme. HA9 works with OOSS on enhancing the security of their premises, by carrying out a risk assessment on and not limited to:

HA9 Consultancy logo

  • Security measures (site access, DBS clearance, ID badges, challenging strangers, signing in and out process for visitors, staff and students)
  • Health & Safety (emergency contacts, incident reporting Fire exists
  • Evacuation procedure Missing Child procedure)
  • Student access (protection, use of the internet, reporting concerns and accessing support)
  • How to manage safeguarding effectively on an ongoing basis.