Back to school

The government has confirmed that it is compulsory for all pupils in all year groups to return to school full time from the beginning of the autumn term in September 2020.

Brent schools and settings are looking forward to welcoming all children back.

Returning to school

Returning to school is essential for a child's success in education, and their emotional and social development.

It is understandable that people are worried about COVID-19, but it is important to remember that for most people who do catch it - and especially children - the virus symptoms are mild.

Keeping children and staff safe is a top priority. Schools and settings are regularly assessing the risk posed by coronavirus and have put a number of control measures in place aimed at protecting children, staff and families and reducing the spread of the virus.

The safety control measures that each school or setting has taken may look slightly different, but they are likely to include:

  • Signage to encourage children to regularly wash their hands and follow good respiratory hygiene practice
  • Cleaning the school more often in line with guidance
  • Introducing one-way systems and markings on the floor to support distancing
  • Organising classrooms to support distancing
  • Grouping children together and limiting contact between groups of children
  • Staggering start and finish times, meal times and break times

Your school will inform you of the changes that have been made.

Further information on government guidance can also be found at:

Keeping safe

If your child or anyone in your household has coronavirus symptoms (a temperature or a new, continuous cough, or loss of/change to their sense of taste or smell), please let your school know, and keep your child and the rest of your household at home.

If you need help, visit: