Excluded pupils

A small number of children are excluded from school at some time during their education.


This is a disciplinary measure that the head teacher of a school uses to deal with incidents of serious misbehaviour.

Types of exclusion

There are two types of exclusion:

  • Fixed-term exclusion - this is for a specified number of days (maximum 45 days in any one school year). You will be given a date for return and the pupil cannot go back to school until that date
  • Permanent exclusion - the school has come to the view that the pupil should not continue at the school

Most exclusions are for a fixed-term. However, occasionally a fixed-term exclusion may lead to a permanent exclusion.

Our Inclusion Support Service works closely with schools and parents to identify children who may be at risk of exclusion, and try to prevent this from happening.

In the event of a child being excluded permanently, the team offers advice and support to parents, helping them through the rights of appeal and looking for school vacancies.

The team will work with schools to find new places for permanently excluded pupils and help to make the return to school as easy as possible.

We will also work in co-ordination with the Brent Pupil Referral Unit or Alternative Providers to arrange education for excluded pupils.


Referrals are done through the school, who are requesting support for an individual, small group or the whole school. Other concerned professionals can make referrals, but this should be done with the involvement of the pupil’s school, to ensure information provided is accurate and up to date.


Things to read

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