Health and safety in schools

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places overall responsibility for health and safety with the employer. In schools, the employer varies according to the type of school:

  • in community schools, community special schools, voluntary controlled schools, maintained nursery schools and pupil referral units the employer is the local authority (LA)
  • in foundation schools, foundation special schools and voluntary aided (VA) schools, the employer is usually the governing body
  • in independent schools, city technology colleges, city academies, special schools not maintained by the LA and early learning organisations the employer is usually the governing body or proprietor

In general education, employers have duties to ensure:

  • the health, safety and welfare of teachers and other education staff
  • the health and safety of pupils in-school and on off-site visits
  • the health and safety of visitors to schools, and volunteers involved in any school activity

Fire safety

Fire safety officers give regular talks at Brent schools to advise pupils on fire safety.

Brent schools also carry out frequent fire drills to ensure staff and pupils are aware of the proper evacuation procedures.