Be a Brent school governor

School governors can make a real difference to the lives and life chances of local children.

We need school governors with a range of different skills and backgrounds.  We spoke to several current governors to learn about their role. You can discover what inspired them and more here:

  • Governor pdfDarren - “It’s rewarding being part of something valuable. I’m not part of the Wembley community anymore but, as a governor, I can contribute to something outside of my regular life and give back.”
  • Daksha - “It makes it worthwhile when you see the community that we have succeed, when I know how much progress some kids have made and how well they have a governor I love knowing I’m involved in making this kind of difference.”
  • Mona - “I believe education is paramount; if you have a good education you can work your way out of any situation.”
  • Munira - “It is an opportunity to give back; I feel like I make a positive difference to the children, staff and parents through influencing decision-making and the direction of the school.”
  • Narinder - “I have a passion for education and believe that every child deserves the right access to a good education”
  • Titiola - “The qualities needed to be a governor are patience, curiosity and an interest in developing young minds. It will be the most important thing you do.”
  • Vijesh - “In my day job I work in a commercial environment where the focus is primarily in the short term. The governor role gives me a greater feel for longer term outcomes, not just this year but for future generations, with lasting impacts”