Standards for schools

The council works with local schools and other educational organisations to ensure that all children and young people, including the most vulnerable, receive an excellent, inclusive education, make good progress in their learning and achieve the highest possible standards.

Together, we and our partners work to ensure that children are healthy and safe, contribute positively to their community and are ready for the challenges of further education and employment.

We recognise the independence of individual schools and their responsibility for improving the lives of all pupils. The council's School Improvement Service (SIS) monitors the performance of all educational organisations using a range of evidence, and to support and challenge them if appropriate.

We help schools to identify priorities for improvement and play a lead role in organising school-to-school support and promoting good practice.

Specialist support to schools

We provide specialist support to schools and other educational organisations in the following areas:

  • early years
  • primary and secondary teaching and learning
  • 14-19 education and training
  • ethnic minority achievement
  • special needs and inclusive education
  • personal development, health and wellbeing (including PE and school sport)
  • behaviour, attendance and exclusions
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • music
  • assessment

It also provides a comprehensive programme of training and development opportunities for school staff at all levels, and monitors and advises on support for newly qualified teachers.