How we make travel grant payments

If your application for a school travel grant is successful, assistance will be provided from the date of application. We will not normally backdate entitlement.

Termly payments

Once your application has been assessed, if your child is eligible, a payment will be made by BACS. The payment will cover the cost of travel for one term, by bus, from your home to your child or children's school.

In London, travel on the bus is free for children under 16. We will not usually make payments where pupils can use free transport. We will consider paying for a pupil to travel by tube or train in exceptional cases only.

Thereafter, you will receive one payment per term (three per year). Should you wish to continue to receive assistance, in future years, you must apply annually. This is so that any change in your circumstances may be assessed.

Change of details

Please notify us immediately if your child changes school or your home address changes. This applies to parents in both permanent and temporary accommodation.

If you move from Brent your entitlement to assistance with transport will end immediately. We check each term that any child in receipt of transport is attending the school claimed on the application.