Travel grant guidelines

We provide assistance with travelling expenses for pupils and students who must travel an unreasonable distance to school or college because of a lack of local provision.

In London, travel on the bus is free for children under 16. We will not usually make payments where pupils can use free transport. We will consider paying for a pupil to travel by tube or train in exceptional cases only. 

Guidelines for all applicants

For the home to school travel grant policy the following applies throughout:

  • All applicants must reside within the London Borough of Brent. If you are unsure whether or not your address is within Brent, please go to My Location and type in your postcode.
  • All pupils and students should normally attend a 'maintained' school. Council officers will carefully consider all requests for assistance with travel between home and school.

There are 73 'maintained' primary and secondary schools within Brent and several exist around its borders. Therefore several maintained schools would be within statutory walking distance of most parts of the borough. It is therefore unlikely that applications for travel assistance to independent schools would be successful. 'Maintained' is defined as all locally-managed schools or foundation schools.

Make an application

Different grants apply to 5 - 16 year olds and 16 - 19 year olds:

Print the correct form and return to Pupil and Parent Services.

Should you require further clarification on any aspect of assistance with travel expenses, please contact Pupil and Parent Services.

We use an accurate method of measuring the distance between home and school along the shortest possible safe walking route. If you disagree with the outcome of this part of the assessment, you are entitled to query our decision. If you wish to enquire, please contact Pupil and Parent Services.

You have the right to complain about an unsuccessful application. Please contact Pupil and Parent Services for more information or see corporate complaints.

Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Different considerations apply to pupils and students who have an Educational Health and Care (EHC) plan. If your child has a plan then please refer to the section entitled 'non-educational provision', which will state if your child is able to receive assistance with transport.

Excluded pupils

If your child has been excluded from school and is placed, by the authority, in the council's pupil referral unit or other mainstream provision, you will be entitled to receive assistance with his/her travelling expenses if the walking distance between home and unit/school is:

  • more than two miles for children between the ages of five and seven
  • more than three miles for pupils between the ages of eight and 16

If the child for whom you are applying has a statement or has been excluded from school, please make this clear on your application form.

All pupils and students with a statement of special educational needs and excluded pupils are monitored by the Special Education Needs Assessment Service. We will check with them in assessing any entitlement to assistance with transport.

Cases of exceptional hardship

If you feel you may have grounds for applying for discretionary assistance you should state those grounds in full in your application.

Complaints and appeals

If your application is unsuccessful because it fails to meet any of the above, we shall write to you promptly, explaining clearly why we are unable to provide you with assistance.

We shall explain the reasons for turning down your application and the methods used in coming to that decision. You have the right to complain about an unsuccessful application. Please see corporate complaints or contact Pupil and Parent Services for more information.

Future changes in policy

Brent Council's policy governing assistance with travelling expenses is subject to regular review and the council may alter the arrangements at any time. Any proposed changes are normally phased in. You will be informed of any changes to the policy that affect your entitlement.

Should you require further clarification on any aspect of assistance with travel expenses, please contact Pupil and Parent Services