Life as a Member of Youth Parliament

'Brent Youth Parliament is the perfect platform to get your voice heard and share your opinions. It is a very non-judgemental and friendly environment, which is what encouraged me to stay on as a member for the past five years. The meetings consist of different formats of debate, consultations, skills training, Councillor hotseats, education on the political system and much more. Through the debates and skills training, you are able to grow yourself in a comfortable environment where it is much less daunting to practice things such as your public speaking skills. Each year, an executive and a campaign are voted on during an election. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be elected the Chair of BYP as well as play a part in the planning committee for the campaign tackling unemployment. As a member of the executive you are able to sit on boards and committees which allows you to influence the changes taking place first hand. Through taking up these opportunities I was able to meet many young people like myself and gain so many new friendships. I have gained knowledge and skills through my time and have met people that have taught me so much, such as various Councillors and Nicola. There are so many opportunities offered to you and your time as a member of BYP is what you make it!'

Leesha Varsani