Family learning

new_family_learningFamily Learning courses and workshops provide a broad range of learning opportunities, from informal learning events to more structured learning programmes, designed to support your children's learning and to give a taste of what Start has to offer.

Family Learning is about adults and children learning together but many courses include separate sessions for adults as well as 'joint' sessions with children. Some short courses are for adults only but with a family focus.

The majority of Family Learning activities take place in community venues, children's centres and schools.

We work in partnership with local schools, libraries and children's centres and offer a wide range of courses including:

  • Family Language, Literacy and Numeracy (including ESOL)
  • Using computers with the family
  • Art and crafts projects
  • Garden projects
  • Baby massage
  • Play and learn for under 5s
  • Family fitness

Look out for information in your child's school, your local children's centre, library or community venue.