Success Stories

Brent Start, representing a world of diversity and learning under one roof, continues to deliver the best teaching and learning experiences for its learners across an expansive range of learning opportunities, unequalled in any other London Borough.

We would like to thank all our learners for the dedication they have shown towards their own personal learning journey this past academic year. Find some of our success stories below.


Tolu attended Sugarcraft Beginner Cake Decoration and Special Occasions Cake Decoration classes with Brent Start. Since then, she has established her own business - Tea Room and Cake Shop in the local area of Harlesden. She is delighted of the progress she has made and thankful to Brent Start for encouraging and supporting her in achieving this. Tolu’s confidence and professionalism has advanced since and she continues growing her business by having opened an online shop. In December 2018, Tolu won a Brent Start Student Award in Enterprise category and made her family, friends and the community proud.

Julie doing her hairdressing courseJulie

Julie is a mother of four and a full-time carer for her youngest daughter. She has always had a passion for hairdressing since she was a little girl but starting a family at a young age set her back from what she wanted to do. Julie made an excessive effort and managed to come back to formal education here at Brent Start in 2015. She has recently completed the GCSE mathematics course. While on this course, she took an opportunity to join a Hairdressing course and thoroughly enjoyed it.

"I took the opportunity to add to my skill as I am doing hair at home for friends and family. I  have learnt so many things to add to the skill I already have. Now I can cut, style and colour hair. I am also thinking about taking it to a higher level in the future. Thank you Brent Start for all the help you have provided and Androulla is an amazing teacher."


"Through my fine time at Brent Start, I received an outstanding level of teaching. This allowed me to get a very satisfactory grade……I will definitely recommend other people to follow my path at Brent Start."

Idil Brent Student


"I started this college four years ago at entry level and have now done my GCSE Maths. Irene was a very good teacher. She motivated us all and taught well. I appreciate all the help I have received."


"I had a fantastic year at Brent Start. The teachers and the staff were very helpful. With their help and support I was able to get A* in my GCSE. Overall I am happy to be a part of Brent Start."


Savena is a full-time mother and has successfully completed a Community Learning Hairdressing course this year. She has learnt how to cut hair as well as styling and colouring techniques. Savena has also achieved positive outcomes and learned a new skill on a Beginners Floristry course with Joanna. She is much more confident in herself and is ready to move on.

"Brent start is a first place to develop skills and to build confidence. My confidence has grown and I hope to do more advanced courses in the future."


Veronica holding A* maths certificate

"I am proud of my results. I would like to say a big Thanks to my teacher and to Brent Start. I believe that this day will motivate me to work hard, day by day. I wish everyone the best results."