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Becoming self-employed

Claiming benefits

When you become self-employed, you need to make sure that you report changes to your circumstances and income to both the Department for Work and Pensions (through Jobcentre Plus) and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). You might still receive welfare benefits to top up your income.

Generally, you might be eligible for benefits and tax credits for people in work.

In addition, you might benefit from support aimed specifically at people who intend to be self-employed. If you are thinking of moving from benefits into self employment Jobcentre Plus (JCP) may be able to help you financially.

Make sure you speak to your JCP adviser as soon as possible to take advantage of this support.

It's important to let these departments know about any changes right away so that they can work out the benefits that you are entitled to claim, and to avoid overpayment of the previous benefits that you were eligible for as unemployed.

You can also get guidance on how to work out your hours and earnings, as they might fluctuate, particularly from experienced advisers at the Brent Citizens Advice Bureau