Mental Health Trailblazer

The Mental Health Trailblazer is an innovative pilot project, created to give employment support to those with common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

How does this help?

The aim of this project is to help employment become part of recovery for people with mental health issues.

It has been proven that finding sustainable work can help mental health recovery, and the new service combines finding work with talking therapy treatments. The service will help some of the estimated 34,000 people in Brent who are affected by common mental health conditions.

The trailblazer will be delivered by Twining Enterprise, in conjunction with NHS service IAPT, which provides free mental health services for residents

Can I receive support?

IAPT will be able to inform you if you are able to benefit from the project, however in order to receive support you must be:

  •          registered with a Brent GP
  •          over the age of 18
  •          claiming JSA or ESA benefits

You can self-refer to IAPT by completing an online assessment. This will tell you if you will benefit from the NHS support available. 

Once you have accessed the service for the first time, you will be given a review to ensure you meet the full criteria for support through the Trailblazer.

How do I get support?

Most referrals in Brent will be via the Job Centre Plus and the current IAPT scheme. Therefore if you feel you are in need of support, please discuss with your JCP advisor or during an IAPT appointment.

You can contact IAPT directly on: or call: 0208 206 3924.

For more information on IAPT in Brent, visit the website.