What we are doing

A Future Built for Everyone an Economy Fit for All

The Borough Plan 2019-23 sets an ambitious vision for the borough based on growth that is inclusive and benefits local residents and businesses.

We want to make Brent an even better place to live, work and grow. We want everyone to have a bright and prosperous future through opportunities to learn, train and work.

Working with our partners in the public, private, community and voluntary sectors, we want to work together to help residents and businesses achieve long lasting success, contributing to a strong and confident borough.

As a key borough priority, we take a leadership role in working with partners to:

  • reduce poverty and deprivation across the borough through employment
  • raise income levels through access to quality employment and progression in work
  • develop a high quality skills offer to help people develop skills for life, work, and to enhance their health and wellbeing
  • to support business growth, helping Brent businesses to grow and also attracting new businesses to the borough, with a focus on high value employment

To find out more read our Employment, Skills and Enterprise Strategy 2015/20 (.pdf, 1.09MB)

Employment, Skills and Apprenticeships

We want Brent residents to access quality and sustainable employment, that provides a stable and sufficient income to live in London and to have a good standard of living.

With our partners, we design, commission and deliver projects and activities that support residents into employment, overcoming challenging constraints.

Resources are being focused on:

  1. High quality adult education to help people with skills for work, life, and to support health and wellbeing - Brent Start.
  2. Access to quality jobs and apprenticeships via the Brent Works service - Brent Works
  3. Providing support to priority neighbourhoods in the borough via Community Hubs and The Living Room.
  4. Responding to barriers to work such as mental and physical health, learning disabilities and difficulties, and support to ex-offenders - Work and Health Programme and Mental Health Trailblazer.
  5. Providing support to young black men to access employment and to work creatively with employers.

Business Growth

Brent's entrepreneurial spirit is one of its strengths. We want to nurture this dynamism and help it grow, making Brent a place where business thrives.

Our aim is to build capacity and resilience in our local small and medium sized businesses using our website. The Brent for Business website provides a platform to access information in one place relating to your business. 

You can sign up to our business e-newsletter.

We are committed to driving local spend by promoting local subcontractors and suppliers through the supply chain of construction sites across the borough.

The council has secured a number of affordable workspaces across the borough. 

External funding

We want to work with our partners to deliver coordinated and effective provision of employment, enterprise and skills support to give Brent residents and businesses the very best chances at success.

We look at ways to improve services and find new, innovative solutions to address local needs and strengthen their assets. We identify funding opportunities that can be used to deliver activity addressing unemployment, improving skill levels and nurturing new enterprise.

We also critically monitor performance of projects and services we commission to inform our own learning and to help our community and voluntary partners be the very best they can be.

Visit our Employment support and advice page to see what funded services are being delivered by our partners.