Air Quality Management Area

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Air quality management areas (AQMA) are declared where we have found air quality objectives are not being met. Brent Council  continues to take actions as per its air quality action plan to try improve the air quality within the AQMA.

Am I in an Air Quality Management Area?

Areas included in the AQMAs were last extended in 2006 and you can view all our AQMAs on a map


Smoke control area

All of Brent council area is declared as ‘smoke control area’ (SCA) under the Clean Air Act 1993. This is to control emissions from domestic chimneys caused by the burning of coal and wood. 

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  • This means that within the borough you are committing an offence if you allow dark smoke emissions from a domestic chimney
  • obtain and use solid fuel, other than authorised fuel
  • sell solid fuel, other than authorised fuel, for use in premises located within an SCA

There are some exceptions, for example where:

  • the fuel is an ‘authorised fuel’, which is permitted to be used in a SCA
  • the fuel is being burnt in an ‘exempted appliance’, where particular types of unauthorised fuels can be used

Your fuel supplier will be able to advise you on the most suitable fuel for your heating/cooking appliance. You could be fined up to £1,000, if you break the rules.

Smoke control zone does not apply to garden bonfires. However, we advise that residents refrain from having garden bonfires, as this may cause smoke or smell nuisance to the neighbouring properties.